Ash Gilpin


Hi everyone! My name is Ash Gilpin and I'm a lover of all things creative. I'm passionate about living life to its fullest and always strive to set personal goals for myself and pursue my dreams in the process.

I'm an entrepreneur who's had his fair share of successes and failures. I'm an amateur videographer with a passion for storytelling. I'm a creative writer who has authored various children's stories. I'm a lyricist who enjoys putting melody to my creative writings. And, I'm a boy who loves his toys. Most recently, flying the skies.

I also enjoy spending time with my dog, friends and family.


I would describe as a goal-oriented, ambitious person with a insatiable drive to succeed. I can't necessarily say where exactly it stemmed from, but I've always known that I wanted to run my own business. I suppose it all began back in high school. I spent summers working as a cabana boy at a local oceanfront hotel. I used my savings to purchase my first computer where I fell in love with making websites. It was a natural fit for my creative mind and I seemed to take to it like a duck to water. It wasn't long before I was approached by local businesses, who had seen some of my works, in need of websites. So, I incorporated and it became a steady, upward, trajectory from there on.

Always trying to fill my need to keep from sitting idle, I've started numerous businesses over the years. Some with moderate success and others that were epic failures. They've brought me both joy and heartache, but I've learned a lot in the process!


I've always had a fascination for film and storytelling, but I never had the resources or knowhow for creating my own works until I came across Final Cut Pro and an instructional YouTube video on how to do masking and chroma key. That's when a little light bulb turned on, in my head, and the creative ideas came flowing. Thousands of dollars in equipment, later, I had myself a mini film studio set up in my house and I was off to the races.

Film has provided me an outlet for expressing my humor and creativity in a way that I hadn't previously imagined. You can check out some of my works on my YouTube channel.

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I'm rather amazed that I have a knack for creative writing considering as how I've never enjoyed reading books. I mean like, ever! I reckon it came about after writing eulogies for my grandmothers who had recently passed. I had numerous people comment on how they were moved by my style of writing. So, I thought to myself "maybe this is an area that I should explore a bit more." And, well, that's exactly what I did!

My writing style tends to lend itself well to a children's audience where I'm able to let my mind run free. Creative writing is; however, an area that's a bit more slow-moving for me. I find that I really need to be in a particular creative space to hash out an entire story.


Songwriting has always been an area of interest for me. Having discovered my flair for creative writing, I decided to take my written word a step further with the addition of harmony and melody. It wasn't exactly as natural of a progression as I would have liked. I find songwriting to be quite challenging, but in a good way. It pushes me beyond the preconceived limitations I had set for myself and I've found the results to be something I'm really quite proud of!

Granted, I'm no musician by any account. However, I've surrounded myself with talented folks who have the innate ability to turn my vision and lyrics into a full-fledged creative work.

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